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We Specialize in Happy Memories


There are few events that can beat a party with friends and industry colleagues. The perfect corporate event can build friendships that carry back into the workplace and the memories and fun keep everyone coming back for more year after year.


One of the best DJ's we know likes to say,

"Every wedding is The Super Bowl!"

We can't agree more. You have one chance to make this event perfect. We want your music, lighting, and atmosphere to be all you hoped for and for your happy memories to last a lifetime.

School Dances
& Proms

At MC Idaho, we strongly believe in family friendly events when youth are involved. We bring a strong Christian ethic to youth events and make sure the party is not only fun, but full of the best dance music, and free of inappropriate language and lyrics.

Private Celebrations

House, beach, and boat parties are some of the most fun events we get to create. We love summer, and music is the best way to make the summer sun and lakes worth waiting nine months for.

Sound & Lighting Solutions

We will ask you in detail what atmosphere you wish to create and make suggestions to make your party fun, exciting, beautiful, and romantic as it can be. With our inventory of sound, microphones, and lighting equipment, we can create whatever atmosphere you want. You pick the vibe. Want a photo booth? We have you covered there too.

Master of Ceremonies

Need an M.C. to help coordinate your evening, introduce your guests, the bride and groom, or special individuals? Michael can help your event flow perfectly, stay on schedule, and keep the fun going all night (or day) long. A well planned event is the key to low stress and more fun.

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