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Enjoy Your Special Day

Our mission at M.C. Idaho, is to be one of the top D.J. and M.C. (disc jockey and master of ceremonies) services companies in North Idaho, Montana, and eastern Washington. There are many talented DJs out there and there is plenty of opportunity for all of us.

We seek to elevate the standard of all DJ's in the Inland Northwest and make all events we play memorable for many years to come.


Michael has been married to his wife, Carrie, for eighteen years. They have a son and a daughter, 16 & 14. Family, friendships, and making people happy are some of the things Michael enjoys most in life. Carrie would agree that he thrives on friendships, fun, and connecting people and can say, without a doubt, he is an extrovert and cares deeply for others. He loves parties, get togethers, and weddings, especially when he gets to be the DJ for the event. There is hardly a music style he doesn't like.


Michael has had an entrepreneurial spirit for as long as he can remember. Making sure his clients are happy is a top priority for him. For over twenty years, he has been a financial advisor and cares for his clients financial needs by day. After hours, he enjoys bringing the same attention to detail and level of importance to your event. His attire will always fit the occasion and wardrobe requests are encouraged. Michael will always entertain within the requested music styles of the event and will keep song lyrics family friendly when appropriate, when the event demands it, or until the kids fall asleep.

Peace of Mind

Michael knows every event is very special and he will always treat each one so it is just as amazing as his own wedding. You can rest assured that he will be on time, prepared, and ready to make the event one to remember. He shares the philosophy of DJ Nick Spinelli, "Every wedding is The Super Bowl!" It can't be said any better in his opinion. There is only one chance to get it right and he will communicate regularly leading up to the event to make sure it is perfect.

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